An effective medication that was developed to control depression and social anxiety.

Generic name: Paroxetine

Frank was given a prescription for Paxil by his REGULAR doctor and began to feel less depressed.

Sally spoke to her family doctor and asked to begin taking Paxil to help control her social anxiety (feeling uncomfortable around people.)
by FeelingBetter May 9, 2008
the zoomy, lightening flash feeling you get when you forget to take your meds for a couple of days.
benj... hey, are you okay? you're acting a little strange today.
david... i'm okay. i forgot to take my meds the last few days and i'm feeling paxilated.
by daxid December 6, 2008
Resembling the common side-effects of Paxil® medication: blurry, anxious, confused.
by 7mary4 March 26, 2007
Resembling the common side-effects of Paxil® medication: blurry, anxious, confused.
by 7mary4 March 26, 2007
Generally a white middle aged woman from Mandarin who suffers from boredom. Who has applied too much makeup and has crazy eyes. Generally talks either too fast or slow depending on how deeply medicated she is. Usually will drink wine later in the night and can become extremely violent.
That Paxil Queen has crazy eyes. I hope she doesn't go postal.
by vick mackey February 12, 2007
One of the side effects of the anti-depression drug Paxil is the onset of a mania state, the opposite of a depressed state. Instead of low energy levels, someone experiencing Paxil mania has an excess of energy.

Dangers include making unnecessarily hasty decisions with possible terrible unseen consequences, confronting others (and sometimes getting into fights with them), excessive spending on sometimes questionable items.

Somebody with Paxil mania is more likely to lose their job, lose their significant other, lose their house or apartment, or lose something else of value.

Paxil mania almost always ends with a crash, that is, a return to deep depression from a state of apparent happiness. The crash is often accompioned by an interaction with a mental health hospital.
John checked into a mental hospital after he crashed from his Paxil mania.
by tokugawa227 August 24, 2011
Its the paxil- A phrase used by some one to blame there stupidity on, paxil is a anti depresent i believe. The phrase can be switched up a bit as well, changing paxil to any other drug, or anything else worthy of blaming stupididty on.
Jolene-" Shit I accadentaly shaved part of my head off. "

Jeff-" Er, thats sick. You look like a big retarted baby. Why would you do that? "

Jolene-" I don't know, its the paxil. "

Jeff-" Emo. "
by Jeff Sawatsky September 21, 2005