One of the most cliche, overused and contrived phrases in the English language.

Often heard said by clumsy, uncordinated people who are prone to accident.
Clumsy, uncordinated person: I'm okay!

Me: Nobody gives a shit!!
by Alexander F July 26, 2008
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an ambiguous phrase, that can be used as it is or didatic about a person's current state (which is me).

it means either im actually ok or im not okay. the deceptive abilities of this phrase are high, so always ask for a different answer or elaboration if something seems off. they can wish that someone would care sometimes.
friend: how are you

me: i'm okay.
friend: no you're not

me: i want to be okay.
friend: i can help

me: the only person who can help me is myself


friend 1: how are we for saturday
friend 2: im okay with that.
me: im okay as well.
by sad boi dictionary January 11, 2019
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What you say when someone asks you how you're feeling to mask the fact that you're dying inside.
Friend: How are you?
You: I'm okay. *dying inside*
by unworthiness February 07, 2019
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