"How many times did you type I'm okay while crying?"
by errmeh January 7, 2013
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an ambiguous phrase, that can be used as it is or didatic about a person's current state (which is me).

it means either im actually ok or im not okay. the deceptive abilities of this phrase are high, so always ask for a different answer or elaboration if something seems off. they can wish that someone would care sometimes.
friend: how are you

me: i'm okay.
friend: no you're not

me: i want to be okay.
friend: i can help

me: the only person who can help me is myself


friend 1: how are we for saturday
friend 2: im okay with that.
me: im okay as well.
by sad boi dictionary January 11, 2019
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What you say when someone asks you how you're feeling to mask the fact that you're dying inside.
Friend: How are you?
You: I'm okay. *dying inside*
by unworthiness February 7, 2019
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One of the most cliche, overused and contrived phrases in the English language.

Often heard said by clumsy, uncordinated people who are prone to accident.
Clumsy, uncordinated person: I'm okay!

Me: Nobody gives a shit!!
by Alexander F July 27, 2008
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I'm not really okay but I will try, and I want us to try together to overcome this. Believe in me. Don't you worry. I care a lot about you. I want you not to feel troubled anymore. Live a noble life — I never wanted to live a guilty life. I don't want you to. You know, you were the only one and will be the only one that I allow myself to break my principles and rules like that. You are the only exception, and will always be. Never again in my life I will allow this to happen again (not with other people).
I'm okay. Well.. I am really not tbh with you. But it's alright.
by The Gardener in Fairy Tales January 26, 2022
by Time Capsule💊 April 19, 2023
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I'm Not Okay (I Promise) is a music video by My Chemical Romance. In the video, the guys from MCR are kids in high school who are getting picked on by the jocks. They get fed up with it and go after them with croquet mallets. It's like a trailer for a fake movie.
I'm not o-fucking-kay!
by Daisy April 1, 2005
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