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an unemployed male who:

endlessly spouts conspiracy theories about the CFR, the NAU, and the NWO, but not STD’s, because they’ve never had sex with another person.

is absolutely not racist, but is against the 1964 Civil Rights Act because it infringes on the right to segregate, but which doesn’t mean the same thing as being racist AT ALL.

is absolutely not racist, but thinks that Ron Paul has no obligation to denounce the support of racist group Stormfront, which can only help the campaign and wouldn’t stigmatize him in the slightest.

is absolutely not racist, but thinks that there’s nothing wrong with Ron Paul posing for a photo with White Supremacist Don Black, because racists are people too, and did I mention that Ron Paul is not a racist?

is a member of the single most reviled group of people on the internet.
eg. These Paultards are actively discouraging anyone from wanting anything to do with Ron Paul.
by LoonyRonPaul January 04, 2008

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