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looney as shit tin-foil hat wearing ron paul supporters who think that destroying pillars of american government such as the tax system, will get rid of the alien ghosts in the radio trying to read their minds.
paultards: ron paul 2012!

guy: dude have you guys even heard ron paul's agenda?

paultards: uhhhh freedom!!!!

guy: facepalm
by bitesized March 04, 2012

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A kind yet over worry-some, glamorous and fashionable woman. Thoughtful and generous. Spastic at moments and sometimes a snippy or sarcastic drunk; otherwise, handles her alcohol well. In other words, no passing out or falling down. Very caring about others more so than herself.
What a Marlane! Pouring that drink, while bickering with her husband.
by BiteSized November 23, 2009

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