goo·gle am·ne·sia, n.

An internet disorder phenomenon caused by the sheer simplicity and instant gratification of discovering an answer to virtually any question instantly, where the individual who performs the query quickly loses all memory of both the query and resulting information.

The reason this disorder is specifically linked to Google, and not other search engines, or simply, "Search Engine Disorder", is from the sheer simplicity and high success rate at immediately getting an answer through Google, the answer itself looses significance having been acquired so quickly. Also partially due to Google's near monopolistic share of search engine activity.
1. I'm not sure, but I'm getting a sense of deja-vu when I Google, "Reason for the sky being blue". I may be suffering from 'Google Amnesia'

2. You know, from the amount of time John spends on the internet, you'd figure he would have some knowledge about anything, yet he's a complete tit. Must be suffering from Google Amnesia
by Echo Pryce December 6, 2007
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When you go to do a google search on something, but forget what you were going to search for at the last minute.
I was going to buy my freind a gift online, but I got google amnesia and now I am staring at the screen awkwardly
by fighter2650 October 12, 2011
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When you want to search something on Google and have it open, you are distracted by something and forget what you wanted to search.

Also on Urban Dictionary, when before you search a word you are distracted by the word of the day and completely forget the one you wanted to search. A cure for this is to type the word into the search bar before reading the word of the day.
"Hmm, what does gooch mean? I'll look it up on UD. Oh, what's this, the word of the day? Dang I forget what I wanted to look up!"

-Person suffering from Google amnesia
by NJBoyy January 31, 2009
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