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A sexual 'move' performed by S & M lovers everywhere. Is performed while a man and woman are having sex. Upon request the man cuts himself and bleeds all over the lady's muff so that she gets all his 'bloodborne pathogens' and receives literally everything the man has to offer the lady.
1) Damnit! I thought I had found a keeper until that bitch requested the Bloodborne Pathogen from me! No way I was doing that shit!

2) How'd you get it?! From my wild and crazy youth, I went crazy one night and requested the Bloodborne Pathogen.
by wordsRus February 24, 2009

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The act or performance of fellatio immediately following a tragic event or accident.
1. ) Hey Mel! If I break my arm jumping off this tree fort would you give me sympathey head?!?!
2. ) YES! Just got my wisdom teeth out, time for SYMPATHEY HEAD.
3. ) So I was walking down the street when I saw the mail man trip, and this stay at home mother immediately ran out to give some sympathey head.
4. ) If Chris thinks hes getting sympathey head over that bullshit, hes got another thing COMING!
by wordsRus June 03, 2009

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