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The continuing saga of helpless blacks being rescued by big-hearted American and/or European Whites. First New Orleans. This time in Haiti. Where next?
First New Orleans. Now Haiti. "Hey guys. Look at those white dopes over there collecting donations for Haiti. Anybody want to donate to Katrina! Part Deux? Hahaha, no, I didn't think so. I know, We'll match what the Revs Al and Jesse donate. That will still equal zero. Hahahaha!" Stay tuned for Katrina! Part Trois.
by RaceGard January 20, 2010
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I came up with this term to show the act of protecting one's own race against attack from other races. Particularly protecting the White Race. It is a play on the minorities practice of deploying the “race card” every time something doesn't go the way they wanted it to go. This term could also be used as the name of a White Super Hero.
The White Firefighters in New Haven, who were denied promotion because of their skin color, put in an urgent call for Race Gard. Like the mighty warrior he is, Race Gard swooped in to save the day, sending Al and his followers back into the holes they crawled out of.
reverse discrimination al sharpton superhero naacp black panthers affirmative action
by RaceGard June 06, 2009
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