Mazin is an Arabic name for male which has two meanings the first one is the cloud full of rain, and the second meaning is man with shining face or I can said flown face.
by Mazin almuqaimi June 30, 2018
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known in Sudan as a person with a big penis, or a person people call the guy with the king kong
i slept with such a mazin last night
by daddymazin June 17, 2019
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1) A man who exceeds all others in every way.
- The Hero

2) The King of Egypt.
- The Pharaoh
Mazin will never be challenged. He is the ONLY Mazin of this divine like state that exists on the Earth.
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A 'thing' so unique and different that they need to to define it as an altogether seperate entity. It is known to be a very drastic change from the average and is known to produce results that may be outstanding or very intimidating
Matt: "Listen, I need to get outta this town quickly, I heard that the mayor of this town is Mazin"
by Dark Man July 18, 2009
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A person who is cool,funny,attractive,smart,popular and has a life.
Wow! He sure is Mazin!
by GangsterLoser August 3, 2011
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He is a type of person who is never interested in anything and he is very beautiful and attractive that girls que up for him
That guy is like a mazin just look at him
by .....mmm...... November 23, 2021
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A hot guy who just minds his own business while girls simp for him and waste his time by bothering him
Dude that Alex guy is such a Mazin, he minds his own business, while those bitches Emily and Maria always simp and interrupt him
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