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1) A man who exceeds all others in every way.
- The Hero

2) The King of Egypt.
- The Pharaoh
Mazin will never be challenged. He is the ONLY Mazin of this divine like state that exists on the Earth.
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A 'thing' so unique and different that they need to to define it as an altogether seperate entity. It is known to be a very drastic change from the average and is known to produce results that may be outstanding or very intimidating
Matt: "Listen, I need to get outta this town quickly, I heard that the mayor of this town is Mazin"
by Dark Man July 17, 2009
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To lead a member of the opposite sex though a labyrinth of mind games.
Hate to tell you bro, but that girl is straight mazin you.
by Powersc9 December 07, 2008
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A guy with a very small dick and really fucking annoying, like damn you're more annoying than space herpes.
Dude don't mind him, he's just bring a mazin
by President Barack Obama U.S. January 21, 2016
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To misunderstand a the purpose of discussion, and only speak to hear yourself speak
Matthew: this is my opinion
Josh: that's cool you can do that
Person doing a Mazin: you look autistic
by Loveable Tyrant July 19, 2017
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