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it's a colombian slang,an expression tht means "the shit"
it comes from the word makial tht delivers from makiaveli;(not 2pac) but the real makiaveli who faked his own death!

the expression re-makial means,the-makial; giving the re' a major tone to the word.

kamelion;international colombian rapper found Remakial.Ent.Music to support artistic talent.
"esa vuelta esta re-makial!"

"mi parcerita re-makial"

"remakial ese tema"
by kamelion2009 May 06, 2009

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A famous colombian rapper who has and contains several styles,rhythm and tempos;versatil,explicit but concience lyrics.
"kamelion por q cambio de color y de estilos no de imagen malparido sigo siendo el mismo"
by kamelion2009 May 06, 2009

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The definition of the word parce; comes from the real academy of spain diccionary!
parce;was a pass or a card that grammar teachers, used to give their students for use in case of faults;or warnings;etc this word its not currently used for that!...whem it comes to urban,if your street parce or parcero are the peoples that you give a pass to.you knw your homies.

it passed to be a colombian slang, specially arround young people that defines your buddy; you homie,you nigga

some say that means "bed parnerts" but it really means "cell partners"(some one you give a pass to) the colombian slang when it comes tu urban...could mean,someone you smoke with,chill with,and commit crimes with.
como fue parce! mucha rumba?

cuidado con los tombos parcero!
by kamelion2009 May 06, 2009

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