When shmegma leaks through your trousers.
Wow your yogurt pants must be made of cheesecloth. You’ve leaked shmegma onto my car seat!
by Tunod81 May 09, 2021
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used to insult a close friend in a joking hilarious way
WARNING: only use around close friends
Jose: Jenn, you annoy me so much
Jonn: *Gasp*
Jose: In fact, you're the piss in my pants
by lmaocity March 18, 2016
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The time that you must appear dressed and presentable on a company Zoom call. Te time you have to brush your hair and put on real clothes, not pajamas.
I have a customer update at 7 AM. Zero Pants Thirty is early today.
by SnowPatrol October 19, 2021
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