The act of compressing the breasts to the point of flatness. Either knowingly or unknowingly. The act is usually performed by wearing a sports bras at all times; even when not engaging in physical activity. It is speculated that pankaking can lead to saggy tits in later life.
I wish that girl would stop pankaking her tits.
by mcdove February 15, 2016
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A whole plate of pancakes that you can only eat about a third of
Mom: Clean your plate!
Kid: but you gave me a whole plate of pankaks
by Ethan balck May 12, 2008
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Similar to bukake, however in this term it involves delicious syrup.
Hey did you see Pam at Denny's? Pam loves the pankake!
by Jeans May 11, 2006
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What you make out of hash and weed in your pipe to smoke.
I love to smoke a good pancake in my pipe once in a while it gets me a good buzz :-)
by TH June 1, 2003
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round, flat, and golden-brown
I eat MY pankakes with syrup and butter.
by sheena_sheena May 30, 2003
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A sexual act where one douses their partner in nothing but instant pancake batter to give them a mushy feeling across their entire face and body, this is similar to the gunge or wam fetish, but more tastier for the one receiving the pankake.
Yo dude, what did you do to your girl last night

Aww man, I gave her a Pankake, she loved it so much being covered in pancake batter

Dude... I should try that with my girl
by Hydro Clavez May 25, 2018
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Rubbing someone in their sexual parts, while having a blood-filled erected Penis.(see Boner)
Joe: I pankaked my grandma.

Joan: What is wrong with you?

Rob, Halle, and Jess: (Laughing)

Kaitlyn: What's pankaking?
by Money Making Pimp January 8, 2012
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