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refering to the number months you haven't had sex. Each month you don't have sex you earn a panda point. Whenever one has collected twelve panda points it will make him panda of the year.
We have to find her a boy tonight, she already has six panda points!
by ahicart May 22, 2011
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A panda-point is given when a person didn't get laid for a month. Each month no sex = 1 point.
Named after the pandabear, they are dying out because they are too lazy to reproduce
Man, i need to get laid, I already have a panda-point!!

Hey dude, how many pandapoints do you have?
None, my mom banged me yesterday!
by theone0312 April 14, 2010
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Because Panda's are very rare and isolated animals they don't made very often. Every month a person doesn't have sex with another human being, they earn a Giant Pandapoint. After a certain amount of months the savingscard is full and the person can bitchslap him/her own ego. After having sex it will start counting at 0 again.
Juan didn't have sex in 3 months, so he has 3 Giant Pandapoints. The 4th month he has sex with another human being, that will wipe out all his Giant Pandapoints. In cause he doesn't have sex after a certain amount of months, he has a full savingscard and he can bitchslap his ego.
by Ms la E. October 29, 2010
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Game invented in the UK by college students.
Definition; eats shoots and leaves
Gets a girls to cook them food - eats
Gets the girl into bed - shoots
Then gets the hell out - Leaves
The More Girls You Do That Too The More Panda Points You Score
by Ethel Moonunit June 09, 2009
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