refering to the number months you haven't had sex. Each month you don't have sex you earn a panda point. Whenever one has collected twelve panda points it will make him panda of the year.
We have to find her a boy tonight, she already has six panda points!
by ahicart May 22, 2011
For each month that you abstain from having sex, you receive one panda point.
by Pool Bear March 27, 2011
A panda-point is given when a person didn't get laid for a month. Each month no sex = 1 point.
Named after the pandabear, they are dying out because they are too lazy to reproduce
Man, i need to get laid, I already have a panda-point!!

Hey dude, how many pandapoints do you have?
None, my mom banged me yesterday!
by theone0312 April 14, 2010
Game invented in the UK by college students.
Definition; eats shoots and leaves
Gets a girls to cook them food - eats
Gets the girl into bed - shoots
Then gets the hell out - Leaves
The More Girls You Do That Too The More Panda Points You Score
by Ethel Moonunit June 9, 2009