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the state of being very attracted to a person, obsession often mistaken for love
i know we've only been talking for 2 hours, but you've got me sprung
by joy May 04, 2004

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An old, boring, no humor, crabby, no imagination, anal-retentive person.
"Quit being such an old fuddy duddy, lighten up some!!"
by Joy September 11, 2004

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Good raging material
goatse.cx is fucking sick
by Joy December 19, 2003

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Having or showing fond feelings or affection; loving and tender. Excessively sentimental.
Given to or displaying mawkish affection or amorousness.

All over, attached, caring, crazy about, crazy for, crazy over, dear, devoted, doting, fond, friendly, huggy, kind, lovey-dovey, loving, mushy, nutty about, partial, soft on, tender, warm, warm-hearted
Don't get all schmoopy on me, I just want casual sex. If you get all schmoopy I'm out.
by Joy March 31, 2005

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BackGround :Experience
A person(s) that you can trust and are very close with. A person who you know very well, and not just them but their family as well, most likely someone you grew up with.People you care about regardless of what stupid shit they do. People that are honest and TRUE. People you are so close with you have "inside" secrets with or code words. People that you can just look at a certain way and they KNOW EXACTLY what your talking about
When you can sit and laugh at memories from the past for HOURS.
When you see some FREAKI guy tryna holla and you just look at her and you both BUST out laughin cuz your thinkin the exact same thing
by JOY January 30, 2005

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A bad hair day is also a day when everything is going bad. It has nothing to do with how one's hair really is, it's just that everything is going wrong. The term "bad hair day" derives from how psycho one feels because everything is going all wrong on a particular day!!
Grabs handsful of hair and tugs in indesperation, "Arrrrrgh!! I'm having such a bad hair day!!"
by Joy January 25, 2005

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rhythm of the beat (adding your own personal style)
His cadence was on point when he recorded that verse in the studio. His swagger and style made that beat pop out... he gave it flavor or (cadence)
by Joy January 27, 2004

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