1.Lavatory pan or toilet bowl, where turd-catching water wells (to decrease skid marks and vile cabbage gases). Usually white and made from enamel.

2.Some creepy, faggish, man-goat creature of Greek mythology. Played the panpipes (conch shell)...or something.

3.Frying pan.
Person in dismay: "Well, that idea's 'gone down the pan'."
Colleague: "You mean, we should've just screwed up the plans and flushed them down the toilet?"
Person in dismay: "Correctamundo"
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
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short form of "steel pan/steel drum" Instrument from Trinidad and Tobago (not from Jamaica). A drum made out of metal. When played, it makes a sweet sound bringing you back to sweet sweet TnT.
by blah April 23, 2004
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1.) Prefix used in defining massed regions, usually either involving an alliance or the area of a particular event. For example, an epidemic of a disease spreading across a large portion of the world is known as a pandemic.
2.) The proper pronunciation of "pen", a writing utensil, in The North and the Midwest.
Following soon after the end of major hostilities of World War I, a great enfluenza pandemic occured.
by The Midwestrn Soldier December 08, 2004
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To beg strangers for money. OR To make up a crazy story about why a stranger should spare some change. (or hopefully a few dollars)
I took Ryan out panning for his first time.
by bongabill June 20, 2009
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To use up something you already have , before buying a new one.
Im going pan on my makeup
by thickchickonthego June 25, 2016
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Like the abbreviation bi for bianything, pan is an abbreviation for panything.

Pan generally refers to any orientation of someone that can love or be attracted to anything, not just things, including butt places, and those with or without any anomaly.
I do not restrict myself to any thing or place I guess, as many people do not claim to be either.

Being one: I'm a place.

Being two: I'm a thing.

Being three: I'm pan.

(so the beings are pretty much perfect)

((just not literally...))
by 🍳 January 24, 2019
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