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When is something is of exceptional greatness, it's not even gr8, it's gr9. The awesomeness is so overpowering, it becomes GR9
Hipster: Ugh this movie is so gr9 xoxo
by herpingthederp February 20, 2011
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Shortened form of "great", but adjusted for inflation; it should be used when gr8 just won't suffice due to the current economic conditions.
See also gr8
"OK, I'm going to try to teleport below this guy"
* Team Kill Penalty -50g *
"Gr9 job, Dan, now how are we supposed to win?"
by Kaseki September 13, 2006
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kevin's way of say lacks sense...
"Dude, are you going to the concert?"
"Yea man its gunna be gr9."
by jones December 01, 2004
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