Palmering (as in Jesse Palmer of ABC/ESPN and the Bachelor) - (verb) 1. The act of repeatedly disrespecting a team, coaching staff, and entire fan-base with blatantly biased statements over an event which happened "just two years ago"; 2. Simultaneously, inexcusably losing respect from peers, colleagues, and strangers alike. 3. Acting like a total douche-bag. 4. Over use of the word Clemsoning

Jesse Palmer is an ABC/ESPN sports analyst and former contestant on the Bachelor. He constantly brings up the term Clemsoning even though Clemson's football team hasn't "pulled a Clemson" in years.
"Quit your Palmering, Clemson has beaten four top 25 SEC teams in the last two years; I don't see them Clemsoning ever again. This is a different Clemson football team."
by LowcountryEP September 20, 2013
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1. Being universally disliked and totally inept at one's job, yet still hold a prominent and public position. 2. To be inexplicably successful despite obvious lack of intelligence, talent, and public goodwill.

Jesse Palmer (Former Florida quarterback and Bachelor contestant)'s position as an ESPN analyst, despite total ineptitude and near universal dislike by sports fans was the catalyst for this term.
After inheriting the family business, Johnny really palmered, spending most of his time goofing off and contributing little to the company, much to the chagrin of the shareholders.

Nickleback spent years palmering their way to the top of the charts.
by Joseph Dierte September 24, 2013
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Someone who's on top of his game..No one can compete with him at everything he does..aka the champ..handsome charming and articulate.
Damn i wish i could be just like Palmer
by champ8619 February 3, 2010
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base unit of measuring breast size
She's got quite the rack, definitely a two-palmer.
by Robots_rule December 9, 2008
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The inability to use normal motor functions (walk, talk, smile, breath quietly)due to mass ingestion of alcohol. Some early warning signs are face touching and loss of balance.... just ride the wave and sleep it off.
Man I drank so much last night, I was PALMERIZED!
by Chappy Palmer October 26, 2008
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(v.)- to pwn something; to own something; to master something
Ex 1: Jimmy didn't study, but he got a 105% on his test. He Palmered that test.

Ex 2: Jimmy is on the debate team, and he feels very prepared. He is confident that he will Palmer the competition.
by Julie Schmutz December 7, 2007
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Total godess. Bright, happy, sweet and loving. Number 10 on the hottie scale. Shes smart, funny, and can always make you smile. Has a nice rack. In a movie called just go with it.
Friend1: Oh my godess who is that?

Friend2: Oh, thats palmer!
by swaggaboy January 2, 2012
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