The act of pwning an opponent. Generally used in conjunction with hollaor whoot whoot!
The Pain Train just made a stop at your house hoe. Whoot Whoot!.
by Terry Tate January 05, 2004
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A female is getting a penis shoved down her larynx (throat) and one in her anus while another guy is putting his penis in one of the two males anus'.
That Paintrain was the shit!
by munroe94 December 16, 2010
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A drink consisting of 1 oz. of raspberry liqueur and 1 oz of rootbeer schnapps. Served in a high ball glass with ice, and filled to the top with ginger ale. Usually drank obnoxiously, with accompanying conductor gestures and train sounds.
Man, I had five pain trains last night and I didn't feel it until it was too late.

Pour me another pain train, muthafucka, whoo whoo! (gestures like train conductor).
by bulldogops December 05, 2011
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The nickname of an awesome person. If you have this nick name you are automatically badass. It is his responsibility to be the king of nuggeting.
"DUDE! Paintrain is so badass! Yeah lets go hang with paintrain!" OR "Someone just nuggeted my bag. It was probably Paintrain."
by mr. swart October 23, 2007
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the act of savagely attacking someone for no reason, ideally in a tag team mannor to generate the most pain for the person/rat being attacked.
Hugh: hey Tom fancy a pain train
Tom: ah how about rat boy?
Hugh: safe

*stalks prey*
insert: one bang
by PainTrain1 April 04, 2011
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