The essence of man, the very definition of a power held only by few men. Pain Trains come in mostly one size, big enough to demand respect, not in fear but in absolute awe and recognition of the character that all men strive to become. Pain Trains, are typically funny in most situations, they can be surprisingly quick their feet as well, this also takes bystanders by surprise. Pain Trains also can be seen as mediators in the stressful situations of others. The strange magical tone on the Pains voice can calm even the most flared state of affairs. The romantic portion of a Pain Trains life is still somewhat of a mystery, one night stands are common, but a very new bit of information has been brought to our attention. The sex life of Pain Trains evidently always are always in college parking lots. The Pain Train is still a mystery, but take note, that if you are in the presence of a Pain Train, befriend him, and never throw him under the bus. The Pain Train is also a good chum to have at your side in a fight, because Pain Trains usually have a massively muscular chest and pack a powerful punch. Lastly, Pain Trains are rare, myself I have only met one, but there are more out there, find your Pain Train or be a Pain Train, but remember you must live up to the lifestyle.
College Kid #1- Man last night i was walking through the parking lot, and i swear i saw The Pain Train running train on a girl!!!
College Kid #2- Wow, no way! Jeese man, that girl probably wont walk for a week!
College Kid #1- Ya, your probably right, I also heard that Pain Trains rawdog that shit!
College Kid #2- Dam dude! Gotta love those Pain Trains though.
College Kid #1- Furrsure man, Ill see ya later i gotta go eat some fish.
by jewh8er45 October 19, 2010
A wooden plank, preferably a 2x4, with a railroad spike driven through one end. Usually carried by demomen.
Sniper: watch out mate, that demo with the pain train is heading your way.
Pyro: mhhmbglmhbmm
by ArceusAvenged February 28, 2019
The act of pwning an opponent. Generally used in conjunction with hollaor whoot whoot!
The Pain Train just made a stop at your house hoe. Whoot Whoot!.
by Terry Tate January 6, 2004
The man who brings the chop chop to the gangbang
Here comes the Paine train guys
by Gillymcfilly January 24, 2016
A drink consisting of 1 oz. of raspberry liqueur and 1 oz of rootbeer schnapps. Served in a high ball glass with ice, and filled to the top with ginger ale. Usually drank obnoxiously, with accompanying conductor gestures and train sounds.
Man, I had five pain trains last night and I didn't feel it until it was too late.

Pour me another pain train, muthafucka, whoo whoo! (gestures like train conductor).
by bulldogops December 6, 2011