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A "hick" town in Western Mass that no one has ever heard of. It's located right next to Amherst, which is pronounced with no H as all Belchertown residences know. There are 3 different groups of Belchertown residences which include the "townies", the "hicks", and everyone else. The biggest thing that has happened to B'town in the past couple years is the new Stop and Shop. When driving through the town basically all you will find are banks/atms and pizza places, where you order grinders not subs.
All the preppy white kids go to B'town High, where the only way to sneak out of school is going through the front doors because all the side doors have alarms. Most of the high school kids are into partying, because there's nothing else to do. It's not uncommon to have parties where the parents are present, actually it's weird if they aren't there. At parties there's always drinking games played such as beruit (not beer pong) and circle of death (not kings) and dance parties are a must. It's common to have kids playing guitars and singing. Outdoor parties used to be the cool thing but kids quickly realized partying inside was much warmer, not that the occasional outdoor party isn't still enjoyed. Country music is not always listened to but if you belong to the "hick" group you do. It's common for kids to meet in the center when getting ready to go out. When going to the mall, Holyoke Mall is the place to go, Hampshire Mall is now the dead mall. In the winter time Hamilton Hill is where you meet to go sleding with your friends and other grades from Btown High.
B'town's biggest event of the year is the town fair. This is when Btown is at it's finest. Everyone comes home for it from college to see all their friends and everyone else in town, since the whole town goes. The fair is located on the common where it has games, rides, all types of local booths, and the pulling area. At the pulling area you will find the cattle pulls and the locals doing hay barrel tosses.
If you're from B'town you grow to love the small town life, even if things do get boring.
"Meet you in the center." - Belchertown High student
"That's wicked cool."
"There's no party like a B'town Party." - Any Belchertown Partier
by <3 Btown November 14, 2005
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Despite the seemingly boringness aspect of this small, country town; it wields a small potential for fun. Included is a skate park, various basketball courts, off roading trails, an anual carnival, high amount of blunts, and the new addition - P's .. Oh and I almost forgot the infamous, haunted (also off limits) Belchertown state schools where years ago the mentally ill were to reside at the state schools, and were known to be mis-treated; ultimitately giving the inside a trashed, creepy, haunted appearance. However if its one thing that truly sucks about this town is that not only is there but 2 gas stations, but neither of these gas stations are open past around 9pm - making it difficult to "grab a blunt" and impossible to get gas. Though the town of "B-town" seems to accommodate limitless activities, I can re assure you there is not much here besides Hicks, woods, and marijuana..and master P's
blunts state school boring hick Belchertown
by WhoDatmanRP March 24, 2011
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Belchertown is a hunted town of around 14000 people in MA. It has the Belchertown State School were someone was killed in the tunnels below the buildings. But it also has the Belchertown Fair.
by Belchertown1 June 10, 2008
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