Food of or for Jesus, or other saviors. (pfff, there are none)
Jesus is soooo in teh pai...
by illy December 18, 2004
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An insult used to describe someone who thinks they are entitled to make decisions for others, or someone who is being incredibly greedy.
Named after Ajit Pai.
Girl 1: my boyfriend ordered my dinner for me without even asking me what I wanted, and it was food I didn't even like...
Girl 2: he's such a Pai
by Ohnoitsnana December 15, 2017
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Also known as: psychological accusatory insecurity syndrome.
This psychological disorder is know as a disease where one individual accuses another individual of possessing a psychological disorder without factual evidence or logical justification. The accusation is usually founded upon an insecurity within the accuser and seeks to justify said insecurity through projecting upon the victim a psychological disorder.
Accuser: Joe is a narcissist!
Victim: why?
Accuser: Bc (enter unrelated or unjustifiable defense)
Victim: that makes no sense. I believe you are suffering from pais.
by Joeosc December 12, 2017
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