covert slang for the act of urinating.
Man I need to take a p1$$ again. It's the beer I guess
by n008a April 12, 2009
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A P1 is a fan of Dallas/Fort Worth-based radio station 1310 AM, otherwise known as "The Ticket".
"Hey man, did you listen to Bob and Dan the other day?"
"Of course I did, you know i'm a total P1
by studlywonderbomb January 17, 2012
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Radio marketing term designated for fans who are extremely active within the community, by: attending events, social media, or texting/ calling-in. Generally the 1% of a radio program.
by St0machW0rm August 2, 2019
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P1 is a pure form of the drug cocaine, mainly known in Canada. The word gained popularity after The Weeknd's reference of it in his song "Starboy", with the line "P1 cleaner than your church shoes." This is implying that his cocaine is the purest and cleanest form.
hey did you hear that Jack is selling p1 these days
by boominsystem July 4, 2018
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P1 means Peace 1 love, actully the definetion came from when Leo and One of his homeboys were in DC, Instead of People saying Peace or 1, Leo decided to say P1, as in Peace 1 love
AJ:yo nukka im out
by Fspace119 February 1, 2008
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As in parking level 1. Sketchy, poorly lit, parking area (i.e. the bottom level of a parking garage) where men go to perform promiscuous sexual acts on other men. The encounters must be completely anonymous in order to qualify under this definition.
"Yo JoeG, what are yo plans for today?"

"I have a meeting with the client, but then i'm gonna hit up P1 for some S&S"

"Joe, you is one Brokeback mothafucka"
by Eddy N March 8, 2006
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Hardest fucking gang out here they stay on top no matter of the situation filled of fire ass members and will clean anyone or any pussy clan that tries to cross them💯
Did you see them niggas P1 clean chilled P1ONTOP
by Willetts March 8, 2019
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