An overall fun game but has the most toxic community known to man
Hey wanna play some Overwatch?

by OwenOrRetro May 15, 2018
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A game played by people who never pick support. People who play this game are saltier than the Dead Sea and rage over their teammates for not picking a healer when they themselves are playing a useless character (Hanzo)
Person 1: Look at that dude! He's been salty all day!
Person 2; Yeah. Rumour has it that he was up all night playing Overwatch.
by TheD.vaMainer March 20, 2017
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The sole reason for all of the salt shortages ever to have happened.
Person 1: hey how are you?
Person 2: GO AWAY!
Person 1: geez why so salty?

person 1:aah.
by Lemouse January 23, 2018
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Basically porn, especially if you read onto the Fandom surrounding it. Overall a 10/10 game.
Friend 1: hey wanna play some overwatch?
Friend 2: no thanks, I don't think my penis can handle that much use.
by Sir J Cavallo September 20, 2016
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Overwatch means Salt, like the thing you put on your food? It can also mean someone being "Salty".
Hey, dad, can you pass the overwatch?
Wow that guy is really playing like overwatch today.
by oofooferson April 9, 2018
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hey dud, wanna play some OVERWATCH

no my mom said that it is not family friendly

then die

*pew pew*
by Simon The Scientist December 26, 2017
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