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Doing stuff that nobody asked or needed to to do and you are over exaggerating small things.

Student- chewing gum
Teacher- I'm sending you to the principals office and calling your parents!
Student- You're over doing it, you could've just asked me to spit it out.
Student- chewing gum
Teacher- I'm sending you to the principals office and calling your parents!
Student- You're over-doing-it, you could've just asked me to spit it out.
by BiggieKyla🔥🔥🔥😘😸 February 15, 2015
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When someone is over doing it they take the smallest situation and just have a big ass reaction to it that's not caused for..they get mad for nothing or just want to do extra and be extra.
Say you have a new teacher who reinforces every rule, makes you right pages of notes and won't give any bathroom passes she over doing yo part someone who in other peoples eyes abuses their power!!Total opposite to taking it easy!
by ataylor33 November 13, 2013
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When someone wants an opportunity to make something right after they have made a mistake(s) or committed a wrong.

Do it over again and given grace or a free pass. This is granted automatically, is a mandatory implementation and any other persons involved in the do over must comply.

This can be used with a relationship, a project, a service performed or even an entire day, week, month, year or decade.
Example #1

**sent via text because Greg won't answer Xena's phone calls and messages anymore**

Dena: Come on Greg, I know we've only dated a few weeks and I've internet stalked you, sent you thousands of texts/IM's while you were trying to work, called you at all hours of the night and demanded that you see me whenever I ask, but I think I deserve a "do over". It wasn't personal and in my defense, you weren't a very good communicator.

Greg: (bird's chirping because there's no response)

Example #2

Boss - You really dropped the ball on getting this report turned in on time. I'm thinking I may have to let you go.

Employee - No, you can't! I call a "do over"!

Example #3

Sally: Fred, the last four years of my life has sucked. I'm taking a "do over"!

Fred: Great idea Sally. As they say when you play a country song backwards; now you can get back your house, car, kids, job, husband and dog.

Example #4

Girl #1 - I really like this guy from my church, but I'm afraid he won't want to date me because I lost my virginity already.

Girl #2 - Oh hell, just claim a "do over"! He never has to know.

Example #5

AKA: get out of jail free card
by danyalekb January 20, 2011
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Implementation of the Half-age-plus-seven-minus-ten-relationship rule after a marriage lasting more than 25 years ending in divorce.
Wow, I just met an awesome new girl. I think I need a Do Over after the last 27 years.
by BobbyWeir April 5, 2019
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Made in 2002, Do Over is one of the best shows ever to hit TV. Currently on Friday's at 2:45 a.m, Do Over got cancelled by the sleazy merchants at WB.

A full season of 21 shows were to be made but that got changed to 19, 15 of which were made, 11 of which will be shown on UK TV (Channel 4).

Do Over is about Joel Larson, a 34-year old paper-seller who gets sent back in time to his pre-teens. This all happens due to a defibrillator being on and his sister applying it to his head.
"Joel Larson is 14 today... Trouble is he was 34 yesterday."
by Drum Boy June 25, 2004
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A variation on the shotgun rule used when there is no clarity on who has earned the shotgun spot. Do-over can then be called and immediately after it is said shotgun can be recalled, whoever gaining in undoubtably earning the shotgun position. Who ever is calling the do-over obviously will have an advantage to call the shotgun immediately after; this is only fair. A do-over can not be called by a neutral party. Do-over's can be called in spite of any silencing game variations to a shotgun such as the jinx variation. A do-over cannot be called on a do-over, it is, as Aristotle might call it, the final cause.
Mike, Jermall and Max are walking towards Mike's ride.
Jermall: SHOTGUN NO...
Jermall: BLITZ!
Max: JINX!
Mike: Jermall Jer...
At this point Jermall walks proudly to the shotgun seat.
by Rulemaster August 7, 2009
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Part of the shotty rule that allows do-over to be called when there is fighting over who earned the shotgun. Whoever, calls shotgun after the do-over gets shotgun no exceptions
Mark and Tony were fighting over who called Shotty first until Tony called Do-over and got the front seat no questions asked.
by mrsuperman24847556 August 15, 2009
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