Just like their name, these girls are unique. Usually carefree with a strong zest for life. They tend to have beautiful eyes and strong sex appeal. They're loyal to a fault and if you mess with anyone they care about watch out. They love music, adventure and tend to be very intelligent. They take their responsibilities very seriously and hate to let anyone down. If you know a girl named Dena consider yourself lucky, you found a friend for life.
Any girl named Dena is Amazing !!!!
by Lucky6 February 3, 2010
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Very attractive girl who is often a leader in her field of life. She takes on projects of all interest and is hailed as someone who is successful and thinks outside the box. People tend to believe she enjoys being in the spotlight, when in reality she'd rather get the job done and blend quietly in the background. She has deep roots and beliefs in God and Family. Shes an extremely faithful friend but when betrayed struggles with forgiveness.
Dena is helping out with the church food bank this weekend.
by Michael1966 February 3, 2010
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Dena is a beautiful friend with a gorgeous smile and pretty eyes! She is a fun momma and great friend, always willing to help a friend in need of a mimosa and a good laugh! Dena is a loving mommy and takes great pride in making her babies happy and loved! Dena is the best!!!
Friend 1: That was so sweet of her to have us over!
Friend 2: She's so Dena, love her!
by ambered February 3, 2010
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Loves to sing, someone you can trust who will give you more in return than you can ever imagine. Smart and loving people tend to flock around her. Destined to be famous.
Did you see Mary's performance last night? She's a total Dena!
by hammyj February 3, 2010
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The name Dena has many definitions. But the most common meaning is “Extra.” Dena’s are known for going the extra mile to make any moment that much more special. When she plans a party imagine a theme throwing up every where, right down to the smallest detail. If she can find matching theme toilet paper, you better believe it will be in her bathroom.
OMG BEcky, That party was so Dena!
by Friend12355 February 4, 2020
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Slang term for placing syrup in coffee.
Can you please put some Dena in that?
by Jenifer087 November 7, 2007
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the best human being on earth, they’re funny, smart, caring and have such a god sense of humour.

love you <33
Dena is my world.
by yourmumisgayandsoami February 6, 2022
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