To come out of the blue, out of nowhere; random.

To come back from in the cut
Person 1: (walks up and joins group) I'm gay
Person 2 (part of group): Damn fool, that was out the cut

Hey Dog, I'm out the cut.

I'm out the cut fool.
by Kory Schmidt May 17, 2006
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Generally meaning "out of nowhere". When someone/something appears suddenly without announcement.
"When did Carson get here? I didn't even see him come in."
"Yeah, he just came out the cuts like, 'What's up guys, where's the party?' "

"I was just walking down the street, and suddenly this squirrel came out the cuts and attacked me!"
by LeahLu August 5, 2006
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1. The act appearing from a hidden, suspicious, or otherwise inappropriate area. This most often applies to alleys, trails, parking garages, and generally any kind of dark area.

2. Performing a surprising act that either benefits or detriments the whole of the group. Most common acts are appearing with money, various substances, or a knife.
1. Everyone was chillin in front of Alex's house when we saw Grayson comin out the cut by the fence.

2. Everyone was fiending for blunt time but unfortunately funds were low. Until Cyrus came out the cut with 100$
by 7JmOney3 May 14, 2009
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skydiving you do it or you dont so balls out is you doing it and cut them off is not doing it - "hey man balls out or cut them off you gonna jump?"
by violentpandabear March 15, 2011
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