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A mid-2000s cartoon show made for a wide audience (as showcased by its appeal to darker themes and problem-solving orientation). The characters include Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy who are all part of a superhero team that lives on the West Coast.

The show is in an anime-esque style but by no means attempts to be one. It includes opening credits in Japanese and a vaguely Japanese animation style, but does not include story arcs similar to that of anime.

It includes subjects like teen angst, growing up, fighting evil (in all forms), and finding out what's good.

By no means does it attempt to fulfill all requirements of a kids' show, but it does try to teach good morals.

Its spin-off/sequel series is Teen Titans Go!.
"Teen Titans? Hasn't that show been off the air for a while?"
"Why, yes it has. But you can watch Teen Titans Go!."
by It'sme33 July 22, 2016
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A Japanese honorific. It means "upperclassman," "senior," or the like. It has been appropriated for use in America and the West to mean "obsession" by weaboos. They use this word to attract their Tumblr/DeviantArt/etc. crushes or art seniors to give them art tips or recognition when perhaps they didn't deserve it.
Girl 1: *thinking* I really like this person. But they won't talk to me.
Girl 1: *typing* ArkhamGeek1 is my senpai! I couldn't do art like I do without them!
Girl 1: *thinking* With that on my blog page, they'll see how much I like them.
Girl 2: "Hey, Girl 1, using that word like that is appropriation."
Girl 1: "What do you mean? Of course not!"
Girl 2: "But you don't even speak Japanese..."
by It'sme33 July 22, 2016
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The place where you bitch, moan and cry to the unsuspecting checker who's just trying to provide you a service. You shouldn't do this as usually they don't care about what you're about to say to them about your guacamole jar being out-of-date. They just want to know if your day was alright and if your shopping experience was fine. In all cases, they can just call someone to get you a new one. Be polite please, and learn what the check-out line is actually for: to pay for your products and get them bagged in an orderly fashion.
"Aw man, are we going to the check-out line?"
"Yes, so we can get our stuff checked-out in a decent manner."
by It'sme33 July 23, 2016
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The act of arranging and re-arranging items in a grocery store, usually on a shelf. Not actually making them neater per se, but turning the objects toward you so that they "face" you. Usually done by a grocery clerk of some kind.
"Hey John, you gonna face* aisle 11?"
"Yeah, when I get the time. I gotta check this lady out first."
*form of the word facing
by It'sme33 July 23, 2016
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Unlike the commonly understood vernacular, "rich kid" does not refer to a kid who is actually rich. And it shouldn't. A rich kid is someone who has the attitude of someone rich, but not the money. The attitude is the most important part of the definition. You are no longer a rich kid if your attitude changes. Having family money does not qualify you to be a rich kid; only your perception does.
Boy 1: "Wow, Johnny's such a rich kid."
Boy 2: "No he's not. He's a really nice kid! He just donated to Paxil."
Boy 1: "So what? That doesn't make him nice."
Boy 2: "Yes it does. They really needed that money and he didn't care for a dime of it."
by It'sme33 July 22, 2016
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A movement started around 2014 considering the fact that black lives do, indeed, matter. Not a racist movement as many have proposed. It merely highlights the fact that black lives are discriminated against more so than any other lives, but it does not attempt to harm those other lives by virtue of itself. It does not claim superiority of race in traditional terms; rather, it is a movement for blacks, by blacks that considers the fact that as a group, blacks are appreciated less.

This does not mean that they consider other races beneath them, or unworthy of their attention. It means that they want to highlight the injustice of black lives not having as much consideration or 'love' as other races, even Asian (including Indian and others) or Mexican lives. It is not an attempt to compare races. It is a black positivity movement if anything else.
Girl 1: Ugh, I can't believe Black Lives Matter is at it again.
Girl 2: They're just trying to highlight their race, by their race. They're not trying to compare anyone.
Girl 1: Then why won't they allow anyone else in their hashtag?
Girl 2: Because it's a black positivity movement. It's for black people only. What part of that don't you understand?
Girl 1: I don't understand how I as a white girl can't post in there because I totally support them!
Girl 2: Well, posting in there would be racist considering the fact that you'd be calling attention to your race when it already has so much attention already. The blacks don't get that kind of attention so you'd just be interrupting it.
by It'sme33 July 22, 2016
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