1. A phrase used to describe something cold.
2. When something goes hard.

Coined by Gucci Mane, referring to how icy his chains are.
1. "Damn it's cold in here! Hella burr."
2. "That new Gucci goes hard mayne, Burr."
by piiglett. June 15, 2009
Toronto/ Ottawa slang for party
I heard there’s a burr at Sarah’s house.
by Bigtittycumity January 20, 2020
1. Is said when it is literally cold

2. Is said when you have on lots of ice(jewlery)

BURR is said by Gucci Mane alot because he is "So Icey"
"so much ice i should have brought my fur, BURR!!" -Gucci Mane"

Burr its cold in here

My new watch has alot of ice(diamonds) in it BURR!!
by Differenter524 February 28, 2010
Burr, coined by Gucci Mane, is both an adjective and an interjection that describes how "icy" one's "bling" is.
Johnny looks at Crystals earrings, and in order to complement her says: "Those earrings are BURR!!!!!"

Someone can feel like their bling is pimping or just feel like randomly saying burr: "BURR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Joshua G. Rosen May 21, 2010
Girl: fuck babe i just shit
Boy:ahhh i feel like a burr
by Ratstar May 11, 2015
Slang for beer, and not Gucci jewelery, because that is just dumb. Never used to describe low quality beer such as Coors or Bud.
Let's get some burrs.
by tylerdurden89 October 12, 2010
Originated in Lapeer, Michigan. Used when someone says something disagreeable or generally foolish. Also can be said after saying something that is obviously sarcastic.

Can be drawn out longer and louder to emphasize greater degrees of disagreement or sarcasm.
Our chemistry instructor is a nice guy... burr.

person 1: Dude, your sister is so hot.
person 2: Burr!
by Steakface November 23, 2009