Someone with an unhealthy obsession for something. i.e. anime, cars, soap operas...

not necessarily anime but usually associated with it
by Ravyius November 08, 2003
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Someone who will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get laid and are a social fucktard. Honestly, if you have to beat of to an anime girl you should honestly just die because your life will always suc. And for God's sake move out of your mom's basement!!!!
If you do Cosplay, you are definately an Otaku. You suck at life.
by tnic May 30, 2005
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1: Another version of the word "you" in Japanese (which includes anata, omae, kimi, and so on) this word when used by someone, connotes that that person would like to stress the boundaries between your relationship. You are only to be acquaintances and not friends.
2: A new slang term, rooting from the first definition, referring to fanatical or obsessed people, usually known to be withdrawn in many cases.
by kei_blue June 22, 2003
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Someone (such as me) who has an extreme love and obsession with Anime, Manga, Japanese Video Games, Cosplay and anything that has to do with Anime in general.

As you may notice most people define Otaku as someone who has nothing else better to do with their life but sit at home and watch/do the things I have listed above. Which is NOT true. We Otaku have many things to do, wether it's watching Anime or stressing over if our Cosplay is going to get here in time for the next Convention/Expo, I can assure you it is over infinity times better than what most of the people that say those things do. Which is most likely sitting at home eating them selves to death because they wish they had something to do.

And to note that in a previous definition of Otaku, that person said that the word "taku" means home and that that links to THEIR so-called definition. If you know Japanese at all you would know that Otaku (ใŠใŸใ) means "Geek" or "Nerd", which clearly shows our (being us otaku) love for Anime, Manga, Cosplay, etc.

I made this to show my love for Anime and to stand up for the TRUE MEANING OF OTAKU!!!!!!! >:O
Yumiko: "So, how much of an Anime fan are you?"

Sayuri (me): "I am a MAJOR "OTAKU!!!!!!!" ^ ^"
by otakueien July 09, 2011
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Otaku are smelly, furry, plump creatures that are usually found in their natural habitats: their own mother's basements or in their dark rooms where the only sources of light are the bright glow of their computers or television
my friend is an otaku, he stays in his room on the computer and TV all day
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
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An otaku is a type of nerd or geek who loves anime. They also like anime related games or just video games in general.
I am an otaku and so are my friends.
by catato August 05, 2015
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In literal, it means "house"

Otaku is a Japanese name or title for people who are obsessed on anime, manga, drama CDs, etc.

It is also a word for obsession of anything (e.g. car, toys, transportation)

Although the people who are entitled to this didn't mind or being welcomed by the people or the society outside of Japan, this name is an insult or a taboo in Japan. Primarily because of their behavior and their lifestyle. The main issue is the "Otaku Murder Case" in the 1980s, where the case is that a man killed more than 5 girls because they are look like of this idols.

Otaku may or may not related to Weeabo.
Western Otaku: My friends and I are having a sleepover, talking about what anime we should watch next or how great Levi is.
Japanese Otaku: Who needs friends? Anime will take me someday!
by twofacedanonymous March 05, 2015
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