A niche meme found on a chilean shitposting instagram meme account, @weaposting.
the admin of this account is fan of a chilean soccer team called "Rangers de Talca", there was a game where they lost 7-1. Every post since then has been flooded with "7-1" and other versions, like "7 matches 1 lost", it's a bit more creative depending on the context of the post.
7 cars 1 race
7 likes 1 post
7 views 1 meme
by TioSanic June 17, 2021
The worst thing to happen to "Brasil" ever in the history of sports, the best thing to happen for everyone else who isn't an abhorrent fucktard. Worst team in the history of sporting. Utter destruction.
by Rod_Jonse July 14, 2014
The penis size of a sexy beast....in other words, the perfect size !
Rj Card: "Technically, I'm a 7 1/2 incher..."
by SexxyyKittyy(; November 27, 2010
Another word for the male genitalia when 7 1/2 inches long.
We started making out and then he wipped out his 7 1/2 inch crab mallet!
by Jerzley July 31, 2006
A great example of an appropriate, humorous, and wholesome night league team name.
Me: Hey dad can I use 7 guys, 1 shy as our night league name?

Dad: sure son that sounds both hilarious and wholesome.
by DJ98 November 19, 2014
the magical numba
this is the reason the universe exisists
this ruler is 7 n 1/2 inces long
it is 1/2 past 7
how meny times hav i walked down this street ( 7 n 1/2 )
... and so on
by daz March 29, 2004
A nice evening at the beach (has to be 65 degrees Fahrenheit so you can see their nipples). A party of 8 walking through the sand barefoot with 7 girls and 1 nicely dressed man who had to do it to em.
I can't wait to go 7 girls 1 pair of khaki shorts this weekend!
by Begonethotticus March 19, 2018