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-noun (plural, used with singular verb)
Whatever is left on one's plate after they finish eating. The scraps that remain after something is done; leftovers.
"Eat your orts or you won't get any dessert."
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
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ORT is the barking sound seals make. It is also commonly used to depict a clapping Seal. on internet forums it is used to point out something blatantly obvious. Also can be used when something is liked allot
"wlsack: Corn Cheats
Haxx: ORT ORT"
by Claytonz October 16, 2008
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"After she swallowed my jizz, she made a funny gurgling sound and she discovered an ort in her mouth."
by Die Lawn Adamek April 19, 2005
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you can use this to describe someone who annoys you for example...
" James is a big fat smelly ort.."
"joel is too scared to admit he loves ort..."

or you can use it multiple times in a sentence...

" james smells ortful(awful) he ort to have a shower and wash his smelly ort"
by derolict April 28, 2010
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