The intense climax of sexual energy after a good round of sex or masturbation. It's as if your life flashes before your very eyes as you stare blankly into the walls or ceiling while the violent tingling/jerking sensation coarses through your body. You may let out a low, soft moan or a good, loud yell during an orgasm. Strength of the orgasm varies on mood and stamina of the sex parters. The better the mood and the greater the energy, the stronger the orgasm is. Best damn feeling in the world, until you realize you forgot to pull out at the last second.
I yelled out my girl's name between the moans as I collapsed on her with the orgasm completely taking over my body.
by TheSpectacularOne May 10, 2009
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omg, i was watching porn on the internet and all of a sudden, i had an orgasm. its like my vagina was pulsing and kept tightening up. it felt so great. i can't wait until i put it to good use.
by sexbitch247 October 04, 2008
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The reason why every man lives. The best feeling EVER.
mmmmm..... oh, oh, yes, yes, yes, oh god, YEAH! YES! YYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
by The master of the orgasm December 28, 2004
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The best possible feeling. Ever.

Derived from the ancient greek orgasmos, from the sanskrit urj (sudden powerful feeling). In women, it is the relaxing of the lower third of the vagina and the sudden onset of immensly powerful burning and tingling sensation. Her clitoris releases cum so the penis will move through her vagina easier.

In men, orgasms can happen without the release of semen. However, the release of semen marks an orgasm for a man.

1. On a woman: 1. rub her clitoris, preferably in a circular motion. not up and down too much. that hurts. HARDER IS NOT BETTER.
2. Eat out (first definition of this term is perfect)
*Women tend to moan, gasp, and/or scream during an orgasm.

For men:
1. Blowjob. Harder can be good, though it is best to alternate speeds and deepthroat -it
2. Sex. (Harder is usually better)
*Men tend to be more silent than women during an orgasm, with an occasional muttering. (selfish fuckers)
It was a night like none other at Derek's house; he had invited a hott chick he'd met at work that day to spend some time in his hot tub ... before he knew it, they were in his hot tub, bubbles foaming all around them, her bikini bottoms off and his penis in her vagina. Bucking her up and down, he knew she was about to orgasm as her gasping became sharper, her moaning higher pitched. Suddenly she screamed, and his erection swelled harder than ever. Her orgasm peaked his, and he ejaculated into her, muttering "uhhh...yes..."

She cooked him breakfast the next morning. Selfish fucker.
by Experienced One August 26, 2005
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What occurs during the course of an Herbal Essence commercial.
"Did you see that chick in the Herbal Essence commercial? Was she having an orgasm or something!?"
by Mike April 13, 2004
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The point at which one exists no longer as a sentient being and reverts to a primal state during sex. Usually accompanied by loud screaming moaning and simplistic confirmation of supreme beings.
"Uhu, ugu, ohh, ohh yes, ugu, ohhh yes, yes, yes, oh god yes, oh yes, uguuu, yes, oh YEESS, OH YEEEEESSSS!!!" the sounds of female orgasm

"Dude, jane gave me the best orgasm ever!"
by Omnisexy October 20, 2007
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