It’s like a bootylicious cupcake but with less cake and more delicious white sticky creamy.
That was an amazing orgasm let’s do it again sometime. Bye sis.
by Me.Squeakyvoice December 29, 2019
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When two people "do it" (you know what I mean) there's this special thing that happens when they start moaning. It's called a orgasm😀😀😀😀
by #Dreamer November 05, 2019
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Fancier and smarter word for Orange. Extremely Child Friendly...
This Restaurant’s orgasms are the best. Next time we com we need to try it again!!!
by Nice Orange May 15, 2020
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when your whole body tingles and explodes as your toes start to become numb and you gasp for breath
I Was 28 Years Old, My Family was Gone, When I Became Horny, Felt Like My Boner is Throbbing In My Red Underwear and Red Shorts, I Took My Shirt Off, Which I Have To Feel Like It, I Saw What My Erection is All About By Myself, My Hands Taking My Red Shorts Off As I Showed My Underwear, My Hands Kinda Feels Soft, I Rubbed It Against My Bulge And My Underwear, I Haven’t Had An Orgasm Yet Till I Did, I Still Keep Rubbing On It Till I Took My Underwear Off, I Saw My Dong is Stiffed and Hard, My Balls Just Wiggled a Bit as My Tail Wagged, Putting My Hands On My Dong When I Started Rubbing On It, I Began To Moan In Pleasure When I Took a Slow Breath, My Sniffs Comes Out of My Nose, I Continue To Rub My Dong Till I Stroke It, I Continue To Moan When I Closed My Eyes, Moaning Like a Great Person Does, I Started Stroking My Dong When I Keep Moaning In Pleasure and Constantly Lustful Way, My Legs Could Feel Tingle A Bit, Still Keep Stroking Till Beating the Meat, I Keep Moaning Louder When I Do, I Started To Beat My Dong With My Left Hand When I Hold It, I Moaned Loudly as I Could, I Went a Loud Moans Like In Heaven, Keep Beating It Until I Cum, I Moaned So Loud When I Reach Orgasm, I Heard a Slap, My Tail Keeps Wiggling More and More, I Cummed When I Just Scream With Loud Moans “YES!” I Am Moaning Loudly, My Butt Starts to Jiggle, My Tailhole Started To Lube Out When My Balls Flopped Onto My Hand, I Moaned When I Knelled Down In Pleasure Till My Friend Hare (With Huge Dong) Comes In.
by PauliTheMole September 16, 2019
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ur mum had an orgasm, it went ''aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh''
by 21 21 21 March 05, 2019
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My dog had an orgasm while eating a bigmac JOHN IF YOU SEE THIS MY DOG IS A LESBIAN SLSKSKSKSK and night you should know what an orgy is by now OwO
As the dick went through my cat several times I had a dry crusty orgasm
by bitch eating crackers OwU August 19, 2019
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