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A word from the NYC area.

to be mad or surprised

means fuck that! or that's stupid!
Did you hear the stock market drop 223 points?

by DonTrottaofJersey December 19, 2011
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Acronym for Official Old Farts Alliance.
Group of the best heavy metal and rock oldies on the planet. Regularly meet for gigs and festivals, the main one being the Download Festival held in Donington where they have their own 'Hill'.

Very approachable types when awak. Often seen with one or more alcoholic drinks in their hands, mumbling about the good old days of rock and how they can still hold their own in a pit though they 'choose' not to
Damn, look at that oxygen thief in the middle of the Slayer Pit. He must be an OOFA.
by Hardy Rexion September 07, 2006
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-somthing impressive/shocking
-someone good looking
guy 1 " how much do you think a plane like this costs?"
guy 2 "$30 million"
guy 1 "oofa !!"

girl 1 "did you see that guy?"
girl 2 "yeah! he was oofa!"
by iknoemestuuuf October 03, 2009
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An expression used when something is shocking. "shocking" can be when you see a hot girl or guy. Also can be used when someone is just acting completely stupid.

Pronounced: OOO Fah
Scenario #1: You are at College and see this hot girl (or even a hot teacher) walking through the court yard and you say out loud, but so she doesn't hear it, "Oofa!" An "Oofa!" would be at a higher pitch if she bent down to tie her shoes and cleavage was visible.

The scenario above may be switched for the female's perspective.

Scenario #2: You are at the movies in line for a cold soda and the idiot in front of you has decided to take up as much time as he likes to order food. You see he has a frequent movie watcher card in his hand, so you know he comes to the movies a lot. So why cant this guy make up his mind!!?? Your response: "OOFA!
by Carvey Parker July 31, 2006
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"ooo-pha" - the sound one makes when falling or tripping over something.
OOFA, i just fell in the bathroom getting off of the toilet on my way to the sink.
by Alana and Doni January 11, 2008
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Stands for Official Old Fart Alliance - a group of people over 30 that meet up at the download festival in Donnington to get drunk and talk about music together (and laugh at the youngsters).
You're a year away from being an oofa!
by Cyanide Kitty June 28, 2007
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Acronym for Object Of a Failed Abortion.
A very mean yet incredibly amusing phrase to apply to those you hate.
Pronounced: Oo-Far
"Look at that kid. He's well an O.O.F.A."

"God you O.O.F.A Get lost"

"This really annoying O.O.F.A really pissed me off today"
by Just a passer through September 27, 2007
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