Holding the shaft up whilst exposing the testicles and the base of the male sex organ.
im about to bug!
dog just show carter the gay way and be ight!
straight up, ev just saw
by treezboi March 2, 2009
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Saying something then adding not in a gay way so as not to seem gay
Man one to man two : you look good today, just not in a gay way.
Man 2 to man 1: thanks bro!
by CentIIX November 24, 2016
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A candy bar for a homosexual person.
that guy is so queer he eats gay ways every day.
by queersucks April 18, 2011
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Exclamation used in gaming which expresses disbelief in what has just happened, that only in a world where everything is indeed, as Kurt Cobain once said, gay, could what has just happened actually happen.

by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008
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A gay person who denies their gayness or pretends they are not gay. Like, lay away...they are already buying some of it or buying into it but aren't fully invested.
Ex. If you think they're gay, but they deny it. They're a gay-la-way.
by YourLadyBoss May 1, 2014
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(Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay Gay)
1.To be and/or act extremly gay, to the point were normal speach cannot describe you.

Maria: Ew, your brother joey is a little weird

Kelly: I know... he thinks he's some great actor, and he writes these emo poems that suck.

Maria: Oh my god, he is like waaaay gay.

Titi Olga: Bitch, hop off my word. I am the creator of way gay
by Kellyyy P March 21, 2007
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A phrase that gays use to not feel so bad. It never works...
I am not retarded, because Gay is the Way!
by MW2 Freak January 9, 2011
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