totally _________.
He is so oober hawt. OMG! (:
by Oober Prehistoric. December 28, 2008
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May be interchanged with Ooberly. Antonym to the German word ΓΌber. In this way, you must use this word after the noun. It describes how something if fat, slummy, or down right disgraceful.
EX: Sam mentioned to Dan that Sally is getting Fat Oober.

EX: Mike went to the Target Oober madness.

EX: The Federal Goverment went to the ghetto to recap on the cities slum oober.
by Derrok December 22, 2009
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The cool way to spell ΓΌber. Duh.
Its oober cool to spell oober with two o's.
by orgasmicforyogos May 12, 2008
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it means super or very. used manly by girls. it is also spelled uber but to me that shuold sound like: uh-ber.
that is an oober cute shirt. or thats ooberly awesome.
by ali-kat June 02, 2009
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Some may think it’s β€œ Uber ” the car thingy but I use it as an actual word to express extraness to my current emotion.
Person: How are you?
Me: I’m oober sad.
by ImHereAndQueer November 25, 2017
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