A gift purchased for a Yankee Swap or similar random gift exchange program which the owner attempts to end up with him/herself.
As the only one who likes coffee, Joe bringing that espresso for the Yankee Swap was a total onside gift.
by Thom Brandy December 20, 2010
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When your banging two hot chicks, and fake jizz in hotty #1, then quickly jizz on the face of hotty #2. Followed by screaming TOUCHDOWN!!
"Johny's so cool, he onside kicked me and Jen last night".

"I know I heard him scream touchdown, from a block away".

"I know right".
by Codeman_333 July 15, 2010
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This is a sex in football terms phrase for "Asking out a slut"
"Hey man, so last night I did an Onside Kick with Denise...and dude you were right, we hooked up that same night"
by Mr. TSU November 11, 2007
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When one shits upon another persons chest then jerks off and climax’s atop said stool pile and proceeds to kick the load into their partners face
When cousin Mary gets tipsy we attempt the Alabama onside kick with heels
by Sploogebob Squarepants May 31, 2020
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