Johny Johny Yes Papa is a repetitive Indian nursery rhyme for children in which a child is scolded by his father for consuming sugar.
by AntisocialWeeb August 30, 2018
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Johny is a gift from God who's generous, kind, and charming. He's extremely charitable, willing to spend large sums of money for the sake of others despite it being at the risk of his own well-being. He's intelligent, talented but sometimes unaware of it, and is highly friendship orientated. People who are named Johny usually have an appreciation for the color green, love cats and other floofy animals, and have both hot and adorable features plastered onto them. They're unbelievable nice, have dark hair and dark eyes, and usually possess massive height differences with the rest of those in their age group. They're not afraid to be themselves, and lots of people love that about them.
Me: "Holy shit, Johny needs to stop being so nice."
Friend: "As if anyone could ever stop the adorable child."
by 鲍勃 March 13, 2018
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A very militant person that will kill you and your family and does not take bullshit.
Johni is a very serious person
by killy killy March 17, 2017
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1) A badass; the coolest, sexiest, most handsome, smooth talkin' motherfucker one could ever possibly hope to meet in two..maybe even three lifetimes. Simply shaking hands makes girls orgasm and guys turn into homosexuals. Can be recognized by seizure causing good looks, an angel's tongue and an enormous penis.

2) A Hard On

3) Dynamite, or any other kind of explosive.

4) A sexual position in which four chicks simultaneously get fucked by the same man. Can only be accomplished by one man....
1) Holy shit that guy is clearly Johnie

--How can you tell?

Because he fucked me and it was better than the best I could ever imagine

2.) She started licking my asshole and I got an immediate Johnie

3.) Shove some Johnie in that hole and lets blow that shit up.

4.) Indescribable
by TheSpamoni June 4, 2010
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I put on a johny before I screwed that gross bitch.
by Mr. Polish May 9, 2005
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A very sweet guy that is very cute. He is amazing and will treat you so well! He is very nice and is very funny and always knows how to put a smile on your face. they’re usually very soft and sensitive so don’t mess with there emotions!
“Did you meet the new kid Johny?” “Yeah, hes so sweet”
by Hi ig April 7, 2018
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