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You spend 5 hours constantly taking it up the ass by teachers learning shit that most of it won't help you in the future. You are starving because you were "not allowed" to eat the nice breakfast at home and have to eat the schools dogshit cereal cups and dogshit yogurt (That is if your grade ranges through 1st to 8th grade) and left starving. It is finally mid noon and ready to eat the lunch which is the main focus on this definition which in lunch does not involve being assrammed by constant work. BUT NO! School districts are always trying to find ways to displeasure their "students". So they give their students this toxic waste they call lunch that when you look at it close enough you can see it moving. And no the lunch ladies do not deserve the blame because if they were in charge of the lunch they would have gave students better meals that don't look like it contains 30% plastic, 20% rubber, and 50% foodstuff. The syrup is not syrup because it moves like water and not the good ol' molasses-movin' syrup we used to put on our pancakes. All in all, the school lunch is horrible and it's mouth feel is even worse and Gordon Ramsay would have a fatal heart attack if he even was in the presence of it.
Kid 2: Tell me about' it, the school lunch looks like it came from another planet, I doubt even aliens will eat this gunk.
by BonelessJohn February 10, 2020
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These are an extremely strange species on ROBLOX. Most rogangsters usually wear poorly cropped versions of their preferred clothing brands, such as Supreme, Bape, and Louis Vuitton. They will often wear gang colors to display their allegiance to their Lego version of the Bloods or Crips. They. It is common to see them wearing a combination of the Ultimate Victory Headband, Bed Hair, and Surgeon's Mask. It is also extremely common to find most of them on games like "Da Hood", "The streets", and sometimes Meepcity parties which appears to be their habitat. Without rogangsters, both games would die off. But they would also be better places.
In limited terms, Rogangsters are basically ROBLOXians trying to be all big, scary and bad and tell someone they live in the hood along with stating they will kill someones their family if they say something even remotely bad about them. when in reality most of them are 10 year old suburban twat with anger issues.
by BonelessJohn August 2, 2020
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The most sinister thing teachers come up with during the pandemic. This takes a massive shit on the freedom of most children and at times takes even longer to do than the 7 fucking hours we spend in regular school. And the ironic part is that teachers don't want us sitting at a computer for so long because it will ruin our eyes and yet hold these things. The only good thing about this is that we won't have to eat the dogshit 7-week-old lunch the school provides while at the same time hearing the utter obnoxiousness that happens inside of the cafeteria.
In my online class experience, It was absolute shit having assigned these assignments that can go on for hours and hours while our english teacher once assigned this long-ass digital chapter book that no one gave two shits to read. And now I'm supposed to be completing my Science work but instead writing an entire definition and taking my anger out on online school in urban dictionary? Indeed I am...
by BonelessJohn May 26, 2020
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Bla: When you eat an excessive amount of food only to have an urge to eat more things. You usually end up eating more than the original consumption of the average human.
I am so hungry I could eat the entire selection of hot pockets in the store fridge. I think I have Black Hole Stomach Syndrome.
by BonelessJohn February 3, 2020
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Stupid piece of shit assignment only invented to waste time and energy all under the guise of being "educational". These torture devices are usually assigned to children on vacations. Sometimes even on summer vacations in which 95% of students don't give a shit to do anyways because it has all the "educational" value as staring at paint drying on a wall for 10 hours and then writing down what you "learned" about it.
Bob: I can't wait for vacation!

Joe: Yeah man. I've been waiting so long to get out of this torture called school. Can't wait to play some Minecraft and ROBLOX togethe-

Teacher: You will be leaving with a Book Report which is due by the end of the vacation. It must have a minimum of ∞ pages. Any less than that will count as a 0.

Joe: I've changed my mind Bob how about we go yahoo off the entire empire state building together?

Bob: Yeah, that's a good idea.
by BonelessJohn February 17, 2021
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