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when you take a dump and are able to cleanly leave the toilet after only one butt wipe. Technically a "no-wiper" because the one wipe was just a confidence check. Living on the wild side would be rolling the dice and not wiping at all.
I was upset when I had to poop after I just took a shower, but I was less irritated when it turned out to be a one wiper.
by Merterer November 30, 2012
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A bowel movement that requires only a single wiping in order to properly cleanse the anal cavity. (Note: the single wipe is enacted for 'security' purposes alone, otherwise no wipe would be necessary).
Man I took a huge dump last night and I was almost out of toilet paper, but it was all good because it was only a one wiper!
by UP 1 March 30, 2008
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That magical moment when it only takes one wipe of the toilet paper after taking a winnick
I took a Winnick and it turned out to be a one wiper, I should buy a lottery ticket today!
by chosney August 06, 2003
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