(adj) When a woman is "on the rag", that means she has her period. Usually she's bitchy then.
Hey yo, this auntie seems to be on da motherfuckin' rag!
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
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It was then to my horror I realised that this fat, disgusting, smelly, gargantuan troll was on the rags...how did I know this? Well looking into the mirror I saw
that I was now the proud owner of my own crimson goatee!!!!!
by Glen Morangie September 17, 2005
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Having a pad in one's underwear, as a result of menstruation.
Girl 1: Why ain't you having sex with your boyfriend? You seem so tense.

Girl 2: I didn't want no sex, since I'm on the rag.

Girl 1: I thought you might be. I see some blood on your white skirt.

Girl 2: OMFG
by FemalePower August 11, 2011
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Refers to when someone is on a rag, or is otherwise on top of a raglike device, perhaps in order to keep his feet or her feet away from the spiders and germs that crawl around on the floor, or perhaps to provide a better view over a wall. Sometimes people get on the rag in order to change a lightbulb, or in order to reach a high light socket in order to change a broken bulb. Getting on the rag also refers to standing on a rag that is on top of another rag, perhaps in order to see over a slightly higher wall.

On the rag can also refer to brutally dismembering a prostitute.

KFC kings cross provide a bespoke footwear deep fry service. Deep fried shoes or trainers are often referred to as rag. Thus being on the rag can mean wearing deep fried footwear.
by mr withersSpakeThrust May 27, 2009
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When a female reaches puberty, they begin the menstration cycle. This results in blood dripping from their vagina, usually, without warning, in class, at school .
Wade: Jim! What’s wrong with Tracy? She just ran out of gym class holding her pussy.
Jim: aaw, she's just on the rag today.
by Leave-em-quivering June 08, 2018
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A store in Saints Row 2, where shitty clothes are sold.
Kid 1: Hey man where you at?
Kid 2: On The Fucking Rag!
Mom: Billy! Shut your fucking mouth! I'm on the rag!!!!
by EdisREd February 05, 2017
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