to nag someone about something constantly...totally 80's term
"My mom keeps ragging on me to clean my room"
by Marie LeFever January 27, 2004
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why you got to rag on me about that fat ho I been datin'?
by dinafitz October 4, 2006
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(adjective) When a woman is "on the rag", that means she has her period. She's also likely in a bad mood because of the various discomforts associated with pads, leaks, tampons, washing out underwear, not being able to wear light-coloured skirts or pants, etc.
She's really in a mood, she's on the rag and complaining about everything. Last night she slept so soundly that she woke up in a pool of blood.
by Jake February 21, 2004
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Its a type of slang word and basically means to pull someone by the hair or clothing very quickly. People do it when in a physical fight.
The Welsh use it alot.
"She ragged me by the hair"
by welshgirl01 June 14, 2010
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To be 'owned' or humiliated in some shape or form.
Haha, that man just got ragged by that girl.
by garyb99999 May 29, 2013
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