1. someone that is bitching and nagging at you about something stupid

2. someone that narcs on you, or "tells" on you
I know they're going to rag on me about my name

I wish that bitch would stop ragging on me about the dishes
by yo mamaaaaaa August 6, 2009
(v.) To be on the offended side of an off handed comment. The phrase originally stemming from a male in a couple being put down by his significant other while she is "on the rag"
I had to leave the house, its that time of the month and the bitch was "ragging on me"
by wilmur November 10, 2013
if you rag me up again parking in my space I'll have you nicked

rile irritate harasschaferankleget under your skintaunt
by notquitepatrick September 5, 2015