Pretty good, not 0 but not 10 either.
I smoked half a bowl of OG Kush and now I'm at a 5
by your friENT November 18, 2011
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someone says they like your shirt over texting and you text back a casual <5 ( i think your swell for saying that)
by isaacthegreatest November 21, 2011
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1) a number between 4 and 6
2) the number of fingers on one hand, or a hand slap involving the hand and this many fingers
3) short for "five minutes"
4) the cops...short for 5-0 (five O)
"You better be ready when the 5 roll by..." -Coolio ("Fantastic Voyage")

Nice job on the 7-11 man, give me 5! Now let's hit up this Dunkin' Donuts. Oh shit, the 5 are in there! 5 of them, dogg! Better wait 5.
by Nick D October 13, 2003
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5 24oz Beers for 5 Dollars. AKA getting shwasted for $5
Yo man, Im feelin a 5 for 5.
by istoleyourboat August 9, 2011
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Given as a sign of full approval. Derived from the voting system on Threadless, it's become a show of love for a remark, design, person, etc. Primary use is in the Community Forum, but could extend to the "real" world.
Blog entry: Here's a picture of me with my new mohawk! I may end up losing my job.. but doesn't it look awesome!?!

Comment: $5.
by Rock Deputy March 2, 2006
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Refering to Highway 5 that stretches from the California/Mexican border in San Diego, all the way up to Canada.
"How are you guys gonna get to the game? We'll probably just hit the 5 for a little bit."
by all4padres June 28, 2008
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