5 is an elite, nerdy way of saying "LOL" See 120.

LOL means "Laughing out loud" and is a common acronym used in chatting everywhere.

LOL (or lol), written in 1337 is 101.
101 in binary is equal to 5 in decimal.

So, LOL = 5
OMG, your computer has spyware? 5
by no_one_2000 August 9, 2004
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When something is way, way worse than expected.
Mom: How was your first day at school?
Kid: It was not a 5...
by YoruuXD December 3, 2011
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The "5" is a common saying from people that live on the eastside of Seattle, specifically East King county. It is a representation of the area code 425.
" we're out here in the 5"
" runnin thru the 5 with my woes"
" gotta love the 5"
by GuntherTRILL March 12, 2015
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Commonly used scale to rate women based on their three most important components, tits, face, and ass. A scale of 1-5 is used to judge each part of woman. A 15 would be a really hot girl with great tits and firm ass. A 0 would be, you know.
- Damn, that girl is bangin'.

- Man, she's a 15 on The 5-5-5 Scale.
by j5l5 September 23, 2012
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the act of putting 5 dollars in towards purchasing a sack of bud. there are 4 "5 on it"s to a dub, 2 to a dimmy gum sack.
austin always has 5 on it
by e-tron November 24, 2006
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"5 by" is short for "5 by 5". This is a measure on the scale of 1 to 5 of loudness and clarity of voice transmission. "5 by 5" means "loud and clear".
"I read you 5 by."
by Chrys in Houston March 13, 2004
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