Acronym that means "Oh my fucking Buddha."

Simular to OMFG except with a B instead of a G.
A more extreme version of OMB.
by orxrs1309 August 07, 2004
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abbreviation: Oh my fucking Batman! (used to express surprise, alarm, etc. esp in emails, text messages, etc)

Also, omfb, omb.
Jeff Albertson @ComicBookGuy 5s #OMFB Jim Lee and Frank Miller are making cameo appearances on Gotham (2014) as well as The Big Bang Theory (2007)
by Tsarstepan April 02, 2015
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ok the actual definition of "OMFB" is "oh my franking bob". it got started (as far as i know) on theblackparade.net, as an alternative to "OMFG" that some MCR fans enjoy saying. also "OMFG" can also mean (for frerard supporters/MCR fans in general) "oh my franking gerard" and "OMG is of course "oh my gee/gerard". so...yeah. thats wat it means deal with it.
OMFB is that guy over there looking at me???? OMG!!!!!
by queen of hearts April 06, 2008
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The term you use when you forgot to check Facebook (FB) or your "social network" when something somewhat dramatic was posted... and you totally missed it.
Girl 1: " did you here about what happened to laurie?"

Girl 2: "no what happened?"

Girl 1: "she's pregnant!"

Girl 2: "omFB!!! how did i miss that!?!"
by meesheethewatergiant February 17, 2010
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Oh My Fat Bitch... Basically I got tired of saying OMFG and we know what it means. It's offensive and people yell at me for using it. So I found something else a little less geared toward religion and something everyone loves to talk about. Fat B-Otches. OMFB allows for a comfortable laugh here an there when speaking. It also can be used in offensive/defensive situations where skinny people or less fatter people may be attacked.
OMFB are you really wearing that? OMFB are you really going to eat that? I can't stand this, OMFB. Or simply OMFB (If you happen to see a mean fat girl.)
by Jeffy Georgios April 27, 2010
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"OMFB" is an abbreviation of "openminded-fanboy"

An OMFB or openminded-fanboy (or Open Minded Fanboy) is a person who has an open mind without bias AND who promotes the fact that they have an open mind.
Johnny says "You always promote Macs but now you're promoting Windows"

Gerry replies "I'm an open minded person"

Chris butts in and says "Gerry is an OMFB"
by ChrisTheFeral May 18, 2009
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