abbreviation for oh my briar
briar is a god, worship briar
omb guys she did not!
thats so cool omb!
by slayqueenyass March 3, 2022
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im i say omb instead of omg
by chung April 5, 2003
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oh my buddha , rebelling against the common term omg ( oh my god )
as coined by jordan and georgia .
scrubs is prolly the best show ever .
omb ! i love scrubs !
by gwick April 24, 2008
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Dont want to be blasformas? dont say oh my god say OH MY BUDDHA
OMB paul is such a retard(a pile of sticks)
by The Daz Man October 21, 2003
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For crazy Muse Fans
Oh My Bellamy

(Matt Bellmay;lead singer)
Muser1: "Muse are touring this year"
Muser2: "OMB! seriously!"
by GreenknotParaParkLow May 21, 2011
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Brolav: Dude the bowls already gone.

Day: Yeah i know, dude. I'm really high, but we should omb.
by laxaholic77 June 5, 2009
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Oh my Bunny, used by bunny lovers on bunspace, the myspace for buns.
by Shantheawesomesauce October 3, 2010
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