To quote Felicia:
"It's a japanese word that translates into "Bonus" or "Extra"."

You may find omakes on anime DVDs included as extras, or simply as extras in any other sense of the word.
They usually include a total change in style as well as a humoristic view. Making fun of the previous stories and such.
Did you watch the latest Soul Taker omake?
The KGNE omakes were 1337!
by EvilTomte June 7, 2004
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This term has become popular on many fanart or anime sites. It is also used on various other web sites. It's a japanese word that translates into "Bonus" or "Extra". It basically involves any material on the site that does not fit into any of the other site's catagories. Such as downloads, photos, rants, or links.
"Did you check out the omake area of my site?"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
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arabic term for "your mother", but can be used in the english slang as an answer in any awkward situation
aaron: suis désolé je
sherif: what the deuce? that doesnt make sense
aaron: omak doesnt make sense!
george: hahaha
von: headshot!
by Hedra123 May 5, 2006
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"Oh, did your dog just throw up now, or has that been there before?' 'OMAK, shame on you Spot!"
by National Guard2011 April 25, 2010
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a town in washington that nobody has heard of but alot of people have driven through. home of the "world famous suicide race"
bob: where do you live?

steve: Omak

bob: what?

steve: its between wenatchee and spokane, but north of both.

bob: oh i think i've drove through there before.
by Tyrell M. April 16, 2007
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it means ur mother in arabic but is fastly coming into the world as a harsh insult

ex. Sherif: Aaron you are a fob
Aaron: actually im not the fob Omak is
Random other person: ohhh burn he got u there
by 1BrOwNToWn1 January 17, 2006
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Way cool city in Eastern Washington that no one knows about
"where are you from?"
"home of the famous suicide race and rodeo!"
by slj485 April 18, 2007
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