Olly olly oxen free is a phrase used in children's games, which is generally used to indicate that people who are hiding (in a game of hide and seek, for example) can safely come out into the open.
Olly Olly oxen free!!! Nate yelled to get Gary out of hiding.
by Brian Funk February 22, 2008
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originally all ye, all ye, "outs" are free. meaning the one looking for you will call "olly, olly, oxen free" and the one in hiding can come out of hiding and not be tagged as "it" (the next one looking for all the ones hiding)
{olly olly oxen free} {hide n seek}
by The Lil February 18, 2011
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How osama was caught.
navy seals: "olly olly oxen free"

osama bin laden: "dirka dirka jihad alla"

navy seals: "we got him obama"
by the american... May 8, 2011
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something said in the Falling In Reverse song Bad Girls Club
It's getting late so olly olly olly oxen free,
All the bad girls come cheer with me.
Love's a drug that got me on the run.
I'm just another victim of the bad girls club.
by ptv_trash February 15, 2017
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When playing Hide & Seek, this term is to indicate the the player in hiding gives up. To quit, to end the game.
by Seeeeeker December 27, 2010
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A code phrase used by the Spartan II Younglings to indicate that the area is clear
by Artifoxtrot June 8, 2022
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