One of the 3 words in the islamic language, these are "Dirka Dirka", "Muhammad", and "Jihad". These words have no meaning and are just thrown together to say whatever you mean.
Islamic: "Muhammad jihad dirka dirka jihad, dirka dirka muhammad."
Translation: "Let's go burn the corpse of an infidel".
by Devan January 12, 2005
Main phrase in any terrorist language along with jihad. From the movie Team America: World Police.
Terrorist: Dirka dirka! Jihad!
Guy: Jihad. Dirka dirka jihad.
by meowmixx December 26, 2005
Everytime I pay $3.05 cents for a gallon of gas I feel like telling the dirka dirka behind the counter to go ^%&^ himself.
by Deborah Lee June 3, 2006
what you haven't team america world police!
girl 1: hey terrorist!

terrorize this!

(shotgun blast)

terrorist: dirka dirka
by greenlantern16 March 9, 2011
probably best work ever from the best film ever team america wooooo

jihaaaaaaaddddd dirkkkkkaaaa dirrrkkkaaaaa
towel head 1- have u got the WMD's

towel head 2- yes theyre hidden in my ass

towel head 1- ahhh dirka dirka let me get them
by ahh dirka dirka June 5, 2009
a group of people that live in michigan
those dirka dirka kitty corner mother fuckers in michigan. dirka dirka.
by love laurie December 2, 2007
Once used in puppet animation for a fictional language for the Islamic terrorists role. In urban language now more commonly used as a slang for marijuana or being inebriated on marijuana.
1) Hey man! Know where I can get some dirka dirka?

2)Man that herb got me derka'd last night! or Wow, I was derkafied off that bong yo!

3) Got any dirka to role up?
by wavestradomas May 18, 2009