The cheapest beer at 14-0. $2.99 for a six pack of tall-boys. "It doesn't get any better than this!" (it doesnt get any CHEAPER than this.) My favorite beer (price)
j: im going on a beer run, need anything
d: heres 12 quarters, six pack of the OM
j: mmm Old Milwaukee
by jamsalot May 3, 2007
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Piss in a bottle. No wonder it's so cheap. Favored among the lower-class person.
Jeff: "I brought the booze for the party."
Tim: "Not Old Milwaukee again. Spend your welfare check on some of the good shit for once."
by Deathgrind > you November 6, 2007
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A trendy but more obscure beer favored among by American working class (blue collar) people. (or "rednecks".) It basically tastes like a very watered down Polish (or other Slavic) beer. Only it's still American and still has a piss-water bland taste, simultaneously. It is usually drunken by people who want to look like cowboys. Kind of like the Skoal tobacco of beer; among the redneck culture.

Manufactured by Pabst Brewing Company; that also make Pabst Blue Ribbon - ironically not a favorite among blue collar peoples but by hipsters and punk rockers.

Rednecks usually get drunk off a whole pack of Old Milwaukee's, go home in their wife-beaters after work and do exactly just that: get drunk and beat their wives.
When you see a smashed, ran-over can of Old Milwaukee (possibly; with the color-faded; because of the Sun) on the side of a beat-up, poorly paved road in America, you know you're driving into white trash / hillbilly country. see: shithole

Ah, the pains of the American white trash, cheap beer and Littering. Old Milwaukee
by Abraham's Adversary January 15, 2018
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When an individual of known or unknown origins (especially an uncle) has too much beer to drink and blows a hot beer burp on you usually in a social situation. Has been known to cause brain damage in severe cases.
Jeff had too much to drink and blew "Old Milwaukee" on me. I think I threw up a little.
by Jason Hilliker November 28, 2005
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adj - That particularly shitty feeling after a long night of drinking Old Milwaukee. Usually symptoms include a pounding headache and the beer shits.
"Hey, where the hell is Duff?"

"He won't be in for another couple hours, he's got a pretty bad case of the Old Milwaukee blues."
by CDuFF105 July 27, 2008
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A description of something or someone that when totally optimized is still complete crap. The expression originates from the advertising campaign for Old Milwaukee Beer: despite the beer being only barely better that drinking pond water, its slogan was "It just doesn't get any better than this!"
John:"What's up with your front yard?"
Ben: "I know, I've spent the last three weekends weeding, fertilizing, mowing, trimming . . . and it still looks like a dirt lot."
John: "Another case of Old Milwaukee Syndrome, it just doesn't get any better than this."
by olsongt October 21, 2009
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Americas light beer or Americas best tasting beer. A beer for the real man, the beer almost everyone drank before they were sissified and switched to Busch Light. The original beer of New Riegel, Ohio. A beer that goes good with hunting, fishing and working on your truck and farming or for that matter goes good with every day of the year. Busch Light drinkers act the part but Old Milwaukee light drinkers are the real men.

Sold by the 6 pack of tallboys for the ride home from a hard days work probably welding or a construction job. The 12 pack for the young man who is just figuring out party life and the 30 pack for the manliest of men you keep several of these chilled on hand at home and that 6 pack of tall boys you grabbed at the drive through on the way home from work gets you to them.
Bob: Got a fresh 30 of Old Milwaukee Light can you give me a hand working on the old ford this evening.
Anyone of Bobs friends: hell yeah I can!
by Legend_93 February 15, 2022
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